Ben Alterman, Ph.D.
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Self-Regulatory Training
Professional Consultation
Various types of psychotherapy that I provide are useful for different purposes.
  • Cognitive therapy can help a person recognize and change the automatic, internal self-talk and underlying assumptions that so greatly affect one's state of mind.

  • Interpersonal therapy can help a person communicate more effectively, renew and enhance important relationships, or better manage conflict or even separation.

  • Insight-oriented therapy can help a person understand the depths from which strong, seemingly inexplicable emotional reactions, compulsive behaviors, and personal choices arise.

  • Humanist-existential therapy and contemplative-spiritual inquiry can help a person grapple with the meaning of life.

  • Meditative techniques tailored to individual preferences and circumstances can be an invaluable aid to the art of living.
Any or all of these methods may be useful at different times, for different individuals, and in different combinations. Drawing from them freely as needed provides a powerful resource for change, especially when combined with self-regulatory training.
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