Ben Alterman, Ph.D.
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Self-Regulatory Training
Professional Consultation
You can learn to self-regulate your mind and nervous system with the individualized skill development I provide. Because every person is a uniquely complex individual, personal training in self-regulatory skills can be especially effective, beyond what may be gleaned from books and classes. Coaching typically begins with simple half-minute mental exercises, each followed by questions and answers which determine the content of subsequent exercises. This format allows self-regulatory training to proceed at a pace and in a direction that is carefully tailored to your own, personal style and capacities. Thus, anyone from an individual with well developed concentrative abilities to someone unable to cease ruminating can make substantial progress. Moreover, as we proceed, the measure of progress we use is your own subjective response to my guidance.

The variety of techniques we may explore include mindfulness, close and open-focus attention, metta and non-conceptual awareness, progressive muscle relaxation, autogenics, and analytic contemplation. These and other methods are employed according to your needs and preferences.
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