Ben Alterman, Ph.D.
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Self-Regulatory Training
Professional Consultation

Learning to self-regulate your nervous system and your thoughts is like gaining access to the operational controls of your body and mind. Self-regulatory skills can help you shift into low gear when concentration is required for challenging tasks, into high gear when sustained attention is required for extended periods, and into neutral when it is time to relax. You can learn to concentrate your focus, manage emotions, cultivate choice instead of reactivity, and clear your mind when thoughts and emotions are getting in the way of optimal functioning. Self-regulatory training produces effects in the same way that physical training increases strength and flexibility.

Insight into the origin and dynamics of your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and choices can be discovered through various types of psychotherapeutic and contemplative exploration. When combined with self-regulatory skills, such personal training of the mind provides not only understanding, but an effective vehicle for getting to where you want to be.
+ Last modified on December 23rd, 2012.