Ben Alterman, Ph.D.
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Stress Management
Enhanced Performance
Certain types of stress can be healthy, such as exercise, growth, achievement and other worthwhile challenges. All of these can make us stronger. However, when physiological or emotional stress persist, they become distressing. Our mind and body are designed to handle stress for short periods, but when distress becomes unremitting, our cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and immune systems can all be adversely affected, as well as our mental state.

Illness, chronic pain, insomnia, and difficult life circumstances involving relationships, work and other important responsibilities can all lead to mental and nervous system disregulation. Maladaptive ways of responding to such distress may include anxiety, depression, anger, addiction and destructive behaviors. In addition to whatever other ways we find to deal with distress adaptively, it is helpful to cultivate skills for self-regulating our thoughts, emotions, and nervous system activity. Knowledge and skill in self-regulating your body and mind may be acquired through the individualized self-regulatory training and psychotherapeutic coaching I provide.
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