Ben Alterman, Ph.D.
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Stress Management
Enhanced Performance
At times, anxiety may be experienced as background tension, like ever present static, sometimes louder, sometimes more in the background, yet always there. At other times, anxiety is a response to specific fears or circumstances. On occasion, anxiety can become overwhelming, leading to panic and presistent fears of repeating such an experience.

Individualized coaching in the self-regulation of your thought processes and nervous system activity along with effective stress management can allow you to enter a relaxed, alert frame of mind when you wish to suspend run-away thoughts and emotions. With practice, you can voluntarily initiate desired states of mind and maintain them for longer periods in varied circumstances. With increasing skill, it becomes easier to be present to your problems and deal with them rather than avoid them. It becomes easier as well to ignore worries that do not really require your attention at present.
+ Last modified on November 25th, 2012.