Ben Alterman, Ph.D.
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Stress Management
Enhanced Performance

Self-regulatory skills and insights into the internal workings of the mind are useful for enhanced performance when someone is functioning at a very high level, or functioning well in one circumstance but finding it difficult to shift gears in other circumstances, or when functioning is impaired.
  • People with problems of inattention and distraction can learn to become focused.

  • People with anxiety can learn to be calm and clear.

  • People with mood disturbances can learn to maintain their emotional equilibrium.

  • People with insomnia can learn to take their mind out of gear and fall asleep.

  • People with addictive cravings can learn to tame their desires and find satisfaction in more adaptive ways.

  • People with physiological problems can learn to reduce their suffering and optimize their functioning.

  • People with severe stress can learn to better manage it.
Moreover, benefits continue beyond the course of training. When properly consolidated and generalized to real life circumstances through individualized coaching, self-regulatory skills and insights are never really forgotten, like the balance achieved when learning to ride a bicycle.
+ Last modified on December 23rd, 2012.